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Vodafone: Know How To Look For Gold in Digital Data

KennedyVodafone’s project director, Mick Kennedy, presented during the recently concluded Market Research in the Mobile World Europe 2013 event in London. He talked about mining digital data and finding valuable insight from it.

Likening the digital environment to a growing river of data, Kennedy went on to talk about the inevitable difficulty of finding “gold” in it. In the gold rush, prospectors simply pan for gold from the water. Kennedy suggested otherwise. He pointed out that some sort of lure or bait must be devised to fish out the important data from the mix, taking into consideration that in the age of 4G, the influx and dissemination of digital information is accelerating.

Kennedy ingeniously proposed a way to spot important data. In the case of a service provider like Vodafone, this entails seeking out valuable consumer insight that enables a service provider to deliver what its customers want and need. To do that, identifying target consumers, their location, their activities, and their behavior must be investigated–a fairly simplistic but comprehensive approach to finding valuable insight from data derived from mobile research methodologies.

Interestingly, Kennedy candidly spoke of the highly regulated mobile network industry, a factor that can limit how valuable data can be obtained from consumers. Permission should first be obtained from consumers before their mobile data can be accessed and the insight contained therein can be used.

A close look at the esoteric heart of the mobile network industry can be gleaned from Kennedy’s presentation. He briefly tackled that tracking mobile data is not all about GPS, which he said is encumbered by certain limitations. He also mentioned mobile users interacting through mobile applications, and the way they interact and use apps is indicative of many things. It is not surprising that Kennedy acknowledges the potentially difficult task of applying analytics to a dynamic stream of mobile network data. However, he argues that knowing what to look for is the ultimate key to finding essential mobile user data.

All in all, Kennedy’s presentation reinforced what many market researchers may have already realized a long time. There is, indeed, consumer data to be mined online and through various mobile platforms. The digital age magnifies those potential channels for use. And the more technological advances are available, the more pronounced those data-mining channels become–as evidenced by Kennedy’s talk on the workings of Vodafone. The key is to know what to look for.

You can view the video of Kennedy’s full presentation at MRMW London below:

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