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The Government to Offer Cheap Tours to Iranian Expatriates to Explore Iran

Tourists in Iran

The director of the Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Organization Mohammad-Ali Najafi says the Iranian government is planning to offer cheap tours to Iranian nationals living in foreign countries to explore Iran.

“About six millions of Iranians are currently living in countries other than Iran. Some of them have failed to visit Iran over the past few years for various reasons. At this time, we are working on a project to provide cheap tours to Iranian expatriates for exploring Iran,” Mohammad-Ali Najafi said in a press conference at Tehran.

Najafi believes that Iranians residing in other countries must visit Iran in order to contribute to the country’s tourism sector. “A large number of Iranians are unfortunately spending their money and time in neighboring Turkey. I’m confident that Iranians can get pleasure from traveling inside the country while enjoying full security,”

“In partnership with the consulates and embassies of Iran in the European countries, the Iranian government will start promoting tourism of Iran in near future,” Mohammad-Ali Najafi added.

According to the head of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization, Iran has unlimited potential of attracting visitors and tourists from the European and American countries. “Europeans and Americans are always talking about their good time in Iran. Positive comments and reviews about Iran in social networking websites actually encourage many people to visit Iran,”

Mohammad-Ali Najafi also asked the privately-held companies and local tour operators to launch marketing campaigns in order to bring more visitors and tourists to Iran. “The Tourism Organization is completely ready to support the Iranian companies interested in investing in this field.”

Many European governments warn their citizens against traveling to Iran. Subsequently, the number of European and American tourists visiting Iran has decreased significantly over the past few years. Since the Iranian revolution in 1979, the majority of visitors to Iran have been religious pilgrims and businesspeople.

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