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Tehran Bus Rapid Transit Transports 2 Million Passengers Daily

Tehran Bus Rapid Transit BRT

Tehran Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), which was officially inaugurated in 2008 by Tehran Mayor Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, transports an average of two million passengers on daily basis. The total length of BRT in Tehran is about 150 km, and it has six active lines at this time.

“Currently, Tehran Bus Rapid Transit plays an important role in transporting passengers across the Capital. According to approved development plans, the number of buses working in these lines will be increased to 11,000 by the end of this Persian year. Tehran Municipality had allocated certain budget to expand BRT network in the city during the last few years.” Peiman Sanandaji, managing director of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company, said on Sunday.

“Additional lines will be opened by the officials of Tehran Municipality until the end of Ramadan. The new lines will stretch from Southern neighborhoods to Northern regions of Tehran.” Sanandaji declared.

He also went on to criticize Iranian government for not supporting this project as it was promised earlier. “The government has already promised to help Tehran Municipality in expanding BRT lines. Until now, we have not received any assistance from the government in this regard.”

“Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company in partnership with local technology companies is trying to develop a new system to offer the latest information about BRT lines and timetables to citizens.” Peiman Sanandaji concluded.

Tehran Municipality is currently utilizing Iranian and Chinese buses in BRT lines. The main goal of inaugurating this plan was facilitating the motor traffic in Iranian capital. With a population of about 8,300,000, Tehran is one of the largest cities in the Middle East region.

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