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Talebnasab: War on Syria to ‘Hurt’ Israel

War on Syria

Alireza Talebnasab, an Iranian politician, says taking military action against Syria will actually ‘hurt’ Israel. In recent years, the Iranian government has found Israel guilty of the existing crisis in Syria, which has claimed the lives of over 300,000 civilians.

“I’m confident that Western countries will not repeat the same mistake that they made in Iraq and Afghanistan. The U.S. government is currently suffering from financial issues, so they cannot wage a new war in the Middle East region,” The Iranian politician remarked in an interview with state TV.

Talebnasab says Syria has different situations, compared with Iraq and Afghanistan. “The U.S. government cannot achieve its ultimate goals by launching a new war in Syria. Islamic militant groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah will definitely defend themselves in this war, if waged,”

“More researches need to be conducted with regard to the current situation of Syria. The Syrian government has not ever used chemical weapons against civilians and its own people. So the recent allegations should be clarified before taking any action against the Syrian government,” Alireza Talebnasab added.

The Iranian political analyst urged the United Nation to only reflect ‘true’ and ‘real’ stories from Syria. “According to the ongoing developments in Syria, I strongly believe that terrorists have carried out chemical attacks against civilians. Note that the Syrian Free Army has failed to cope with the Syrian Army, so they want to defame Syria’s government.” Talebnasab concluded.

Alireza Talebnasab refused to reply a question regarding the role of Islamic Republic of Iran in Syria’s possible war.

Iran is currently the only supporter of Bashar al-Assad in Middle East. The Iranian government is reportedly supporting Bashar al-Assad in financial and logistical manners. Several members of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) have been arrested by the Syrian Free Army over the past few years.

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