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Seat Occupancy Rates of Iranian Airlines are Less than 70%

Iranian Airlines

As Iranian airlines have increased the prices of tickets, the number of people using these airlines has been decreased significantly. This has affected the revenues of tour operators and local airlines directly.

Mohammad Hossein Pourmanesh, a tour manager based in Tehran, says Iranians are reluctant to use local airlines for their travels to other countries. “As the prices have been changed, many people prefer to use Arabian and European flights. Also the number of seasonal travelers has been extremely reduced.”

“Currently, seat occupancy rates of Iran’s top airlines such as Homa and Aseman are less than 70%. This number used to be more than 90% in two or three years ago.” Pourmanesh told the Herald Boy. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, average load factor for international airways was 80.3% by November 2007.

“Airlines like Lufthansa have better occupancy rates because of their connecting flights. For instance, there are not any direct flights between Iran and the United States. This has made Iranians to use foreign airlines more often.” Mohammad Hossein Pourmanesh concluded.

At the time being Iranian airlines are using old fleets since they cannot buy new aircrafts due to international embargoes. With a population of 70 million, Iran needs to have 6,300 airplanes while it does not possess more than nine aircraft for every one million individuals.

Although the Iranian government is subsidizing its travelers abroad, many citizens are unable to afford visiting other countries. In 2011, some 27 million travelers and businessmen passed the Iranian custom departments.

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