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Rare Iranian Wolf Facing Extinction

Iranian Wolf

Iran’s Environment Protection Organization has recently launched a number of projects to save the species of Iranian wolf inside the country. The projects are running in cooperation with the Iranian government.

Iran’s former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had promised to fund these plans, but he failed to allocate enough budgets to Environment Protection Organization.

Rostam Akbarzadeh, an Iranian zoologist, says the officials of the Iranian government should be serious about financing projects for protecting Iranian wolf. He believes that the species of Iranian wolf are on the verge of extinction.

“The Iranian wolf is found in Iran and southern Turkey. However, the main habitants of this species are Southern Khorasan and Sistan-Balouchestan provinces. Over the past few years, Iran’s Environment Protection Organization didn’t pay enough attention to protect this valuable species.” Rostam Akbarzadeh told the Herald Boy on Monday.

Akbarzadeh says Iranian wolf is different from Indian wolf. “Unfortunately the Iranian wolfs were for a long time thought to be the same species as Indian wolfs. The Indian wolf is currently protected by different Asian countries including but not limited to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Syria, India and Turkey. But Iran is the only country currently hosting Iranian wolf.”

The Iranian zoologist believes that local media should publish more stories and articles about the Iranian wolf to make people aware of the ongoing problem. “Currently, almost all Iranians have some information about the Iranian cheetah. The same policy needs to be pursued with regard to the Iranian wolf.”

Rostam Akbarzadeh also highlighted the important role of Iran’s government in protecting the Iranian wolf. “By allocating enough budgets and supporting the related plans, the Iranian government can play an important role in protecting this rare species.”

In recent years, the Iranian government has been massively criticized for ignoring the bad conditions of rare species, which are threatened mainly by human beings.

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