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Police Invite Mobile Manufacturers to Open Assembly Line in Iran

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Brigadier General Mehdi Aboui, the officer in charge of Iran’s police counternarcotics effort, says the Iranian police have invited foreign mobile phone manufacturers to open assembly lines in Iran. Accordingly, Iran’s police are trying to reduce the number of smuggled digital devices into the country.

“In order to deal with the phenomenon of illegal imports of digital devices to Iran, we are planning to invite top mobile manufacturers to open their assembly lines inside the country. Police in cooperation with the Iranian government is ready to provide the necessary infrastructures to international companies willing to work in Iran.” Brigadier General Mehdi Aboui told reporters on Thursday.

Recently, Iranian producers have managed to manufacture quality mobile phones for domestic markets. But it seems people are still interested in using foreign-made digital devices.

Mehdi Aboui declared that these kinds of initiatives will offer more opportunities to Iran’s economy. “Opening new assembly lines in Iran will not only help the police to tackle smuggling of mobile phones into the country, but it will also create new job opportunities for the Iranian nationals.”

Currently, Iran is suffering from high unemployment rate. This rate is estimated around 30% by independent economists.

“Financial institutions and Central Bank of Iran have expressed their supports for these projects. Based on the agreement between Iran’s police and CBI, foreign mobile phone manufacturers can take advantage of low-interest loans if they start assembly lines in Iran. More incentives will be offered to these companies in near future.” Brigadier General Mehdi Aboui concluded.

Over the past few years, the Iranian government and other state-owned organizations have tried hard to persuade foreign companies to open assembly lines in Iran, but foreign mobile manufacturers didn’t accept Iran’s invitations for various reasons.

At this time, European and American phone makers are banned from selling their products in Iranian markets according to international sanctions.

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