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Nix Color Sensor – A Useful Device For Detecting Colours

NixWith the next-generation of smartphones and companion accessories comes a whole new range of revolutionary products just waiting to be in your hands. There are smart devices for athletes, gamers and even fashion designers. The new Nix Color Sensor is a cool gadget that scans all kinds of items to detect the color. It then stores that exact color and displays it on the connected smartphone or computer so you can keep it with you as a palette and use it anytime, anywhere for multiple purposes. Nix, a gadget which you can put on your shirt collar or pocket and then lets you view colors on your iPhone, Android, Windows PC or Mac.

This nifty piece of technology is beneficial for a number of professionals including different artists, designers, photographers, engineers, painters and even researchers. You can become a true color expert with this unique gadget.

Unfortunately, this device is not commercially available yet. However, it has completed its fund raising through Kickstarter and once the final end product has been completed, it will be able to perform a number of tasks such as
– Scan and display colors
– Convert colors into different forms of media like makeup, oil paint, wall paint etc.
– Allow selection of both media and brand of the particular color
– Give the user a set of directions to the nearest store which provides that color

You can use the Nix Sensor gadget by putting it in your pocket, purse, or bag, then at the time of using it simply touch it to an object and magically watch the exact color appear on your iPhone, Android, PC, or Mac. The Kickstarter campaign for Nix has ended recently on October 16 with a total funding of $69,465; surpassing the target of $35,000. Prototypes and other rewards will be distributed in November while PCB optimization will be worked on during the month of December. The manufacturers will then send all the assembled PCBs along with the enclosures in January and the developers will deliver the first Nix shipment in February 2014.  Nix’s regular Kickstarter price was $100 whereas the expected original price tag will bear the figure of $200. Of course, you can’t really argue on cost here because it takes a huge investment along with dedicated hard work to make such a handy device.

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