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MCI Aims to Offer 3G and 4G Services

Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran MCI

Vahid Sadoughi, the managing director of Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran, says Hamrah-e-Avval is ready to offer 3G and 4G services. Currently, Rightel is the only Iranian mobile network allowed to offer 3G services until the end of 2016.

Although the third generation of mobile telecommunications technology has been introduced since eight years ago in countries such as UAE and Qatar, Iran’s mobile operators have failed to offer these services to their subscribers. Accordingly poor infrastructures restrict mobile networks to add this technology to their services.

Sadoughi says Iran is gravely suffering from digital divide, and Iran’s Science and Technology Ministry should take this problem serious. “We need to take a decisive decision with regard to advanced technologies in Iran. Currently, MCI is ready to bring the world’s latest technologies to the country, but the heads of IT Ministry should support this plan.”

The Iranian manager also called on journalists and local media to publish more articles and stories with regard to digital divide in Iran. “We have to expand new technologies in Iran, and equip subscribers and citizens with the most modern facilities.” Sadoughi added.

The Iranian government has already announced that it will not authorize any other mobile networks to offer these kinds of services until Rightel’s contract expires. Rightel belonged to the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security.

Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran is running the largest mobile network in the Middle East region. According to Vahid Sadoughi, the company has more than 60 million subscribers across the country.

It is worth mentioning that Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution (IRGC) is the main owner of MCI. Social activists believe that the government should limit the operations of MCI because of the security problems. MCI has been accused of spying by opposition groups in 2009. The company had reportedly bought the necessary facilities from Nokia and Siemens.

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