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Majlis to Investigate the Security of National Email Service

Iran National Email Service

Last week, Iran’s IT Ministry launched national email service in order to allocate one email address to each citizen on certain conditions. A number of IT experts have raised questions about the security of this national service. Rumors suggest that a few exploits have been published in underground forums.

MP Avaz Heydarpour of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee said on Thursday that parliament will take this problem serious. “We will start investigating the security side of this project carefully. The officials of IT Ministry should shed some lights on the reported stories about the security of this service.”

“In recent months, the new IT Minister has launched several projects. We believe these types of activities are promising for the future of IT sector in the country. But they should be studied cautiously.” Avaz Heydarpour reiterated.

Iranian MP declared that information of clients should be stored safely. “In these days, other countries are launching massive cyber attacks on Iranian databases. So we need to increase the security measures in the hope of keeping sensitive information of citizens securely.”

“The launch of national email service might be cancelled, if Iranian IT Minister fails to satisfy members of parliament with regard to the security of this service.” Avaz Heydarpour concluded.

Currently, Yahoo and Google are the most popular email service providers among Iranians. Over the past few years, Iranian government tried to reduce the penetration of Google and Yahoo in Iran. The Filtering Committee of Iran has previously blocked access to Gmail for a short period time, which sparked criticisms from IT experts and MPs.

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