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Iran’s Ministry of Culture to Support Islamic Fashion Designers

Islamic Fashion in Iran

Over the past few years, the members of Iranian parliament have repeatedly urged the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance to support the local Islamic fashion designers. Accordingly, the Ministry announced on Thursday that a number of designers will receive incentives and low-interest loans for their contributions to Islamic fashion in Iran.

“Central Bank of Iran and the government agreed to allocate low-interest loans to support Islamic fashion designers in the country. In recent years, we have held a noteworthy number of festivals and expos to promote Islamic fashion. The results were satisfactory, as many people expressed their desires for wearing clothing according to Islamic guidelines. We intend to continue working in this field.” Hamid Shah Abadi, Deputy Head of Minister of Culture, addressed a group of reporters at Tehran.

Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance is responsible for controlling ethical codes in the country.

Malihe Sabzevari, a famous Islamic fashion designer, says these kinds of supports will encourage Iranian designers to work eagerly in the hope of improving the Islamic fashion inside in Iran.

“Almost all shops and markets in Tehran and the other major cities of the country are full of clothing and merchandises which are designed based on Western fashions. If the Iranian government starts supporting the local designers, the Islamic fashion will be improved in Iran notably.” Malihe Sabzevari told the Herald Boy.

“The other Muslim countries such as Malaysia, Qatar and Turkey have already started promoting Islamic fashion locally. They have also managed to get positive feedbacks from youths and customers. Without any doubts, we can replicate their success in Islamic Republic of Iran.” Malihe Sabzevari concluded.

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