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Iranians to Buy More Android Devices Following Google’s Decision

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Google announced on Monday that Iranian users are allowed to download free applications from Google Play. However, the paid-applications will remain unreachable for the Iranian clients. Bahare Rezaei, an Iranian scholar at Sharif University of Technology, says take such a decision will simply increase Andorid’s market share in Iran.

“The recent decision taken by Google will actually facilitate the access of Iranians to the world’s latest applications available for their Android devices,” Bahare Rezaei said in an interview with the Herald Boy on Tuesday.

According to Rezaei, more people will start buying Android devices as people in Iran are officially allowed to use Google Play from now on. “Reports suggest that more Iranians will buy Android devices because they are now allowed to take advantage of the free applications of Google Play,”

The U.S.-based company used to block Iranians from accessing Google Play over the past few years due to the existing sanctions on Iran. In 2011, U.S. President Barack Obama declared that American companies are free to serve Iranian clients as long as they stick to the rules.

Google announced on Monday that paid-applications will still become inaccessible for users based in Iran. Bahare Rezaei says this is a fair limitation because payment processors are generally banned from processing transactions from Iran.

“As a matter of fact, Iranians cannot buy paid-applications from Google Play. Economic sanctions ban the financial companies from processing transactions benefiting Iranian nationals and organizations,” Rezaei added. She thinks this policy might be changed in near future, as the Iranian government is trying to convince the U.S. government to cancel the current economic embargo.

“In recent years, Iranians have managed to launch a number of successful apps stores. These websites used offer latest applications from Google Play to the Iranian clients. Accordingly, Iranian apps stores will lose a large number of their visitors and clients in the next few months,” Bahare Rezai concluded.

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