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Iranians Launch Over 50 Domestic Search Engines

Persian Search Engines of Iran

In recent years, the Iranian government has encouraged local universities and companies to launch and develop web-based services in the hope of reducing the ‘penetration’ of ‘Western IT companies’ in Iranian community. Last year, Filtering Committee of Iran officially blocked Gmail for a few days.

“Currently, more than 50 domestic search engines are operating in Iran. A large number of these websites have been created by start-ups and private-held companies. In partnership with universities, governmental organizations and incubator centers these companies will receive enough supports to continue their career.” Morteza Barrari, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology, told reporters on Tuesday.

Analysts and IT experts argue that Iranians prefer to use advanced search engines, and people are not interested in using ‘basic’ services. “Fortunately, Iranians have understood the importance of local search engines. A few of these websites have managed to attract more than 50,000 daily visitors and loyal clients. This number is increasing on daily basis.” Barrari added.

“Some of these companies have requested for technical and financial aides. At the time being, we are working on a plan to allocate low-interest loans to Iranian start-ups in order to help them achieve ultimate goals.” Barrari reiterated.

Iranian Deputy Minister also went on to say that universities and institutions will work jointly to educate Iranian programmers in the best possible way. “Iran suffers from lack of quality programmers. Multinational companies such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook have recruited Iran’s top programmers and students. We should provide enough facilities to elite programmers in the hope of keeping them working for local companies rather than leaving the country for European and American states.” Morteza Barrari concluded.

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