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Iranian Workers Suffering from Discrimination

Iranian Workers Demonstration Iran

Iranian workers have managed to conduct a number of demonstrations last year to object to their critical situations. Socialists have repeatedly urged the Iranian government to penalize contractors who violate official laws with regard to employing laborers and workers.

According to surveys conducted by independent institutions in Iran, around 30% of factories and workshops pay less than what is required to their staffers. 35% of contractors also don’t insure workers based on byelaws.

“Over the past few years, many socialists have warned of the deteriorating conditions of Iranian workers in the country. A large number of factories and companies refuse to sign long-term contracts with their employees and workers. Subsequently, Iranian laborers cannot lodge for complaint via official routes.” Mahmoud Hosseini, an Iranian socialist, remarked in an interview with the Herald Boy on Tuesday.

“Unfortunately there is not any official statistics in this regard. But unofficial surveys suggest that almost 30% of workers in Iran are suffering from the similar problems and hardships.” Mahmoud Hosseini said with regard to the number of affected people.

Asghar Najafi, a laborer working for a car manufacturer company, says: “I am working for this company since five years ago. Although I always try to do my job in the best possible way, the contractor declines to sign any agreement or contract with me. Currently, I cannot fully take advantage of my rights.”

“Around 100 workers in this company have the same problem. We have informed the Ministry of Labor about this issue before, but they didn’t help us.” Asghar Najafi added.

“I have not received my wage for almost three months. I’m forced to work at nights with my brother’s cab in order to make money to support my family and three children. For several weeks, one of my children was suffering from headache, but I couldn’t take him to a hospital or clinic since I was unable to afford it.” Najafi concluded.

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs is in charge of the regulation and implementation of policies applicable to labour affairs in Iran.

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