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Iranian MPs Accused of Mistreating Proposed Ministers

cabinet ministers proposed by Iran's new President Hassan Rouhani

During the recent days, Iran’s members of parliament reviewed the profiles of cabinet ministers proposed by new President Hassan Rouhani. Accordingly 15 ministers gained confidence votes and 3 ministers rejected by MPs.

The rejected ministers were allegedly affiliated with the 2009–10 Iranian election protests. Although the candidates claimed that they were innocent, MPs didn’t accept justifications.

Sadegh Zibakalam, an Iranian political analyst, accused Members of Parliament of ‘mistreating’ the proposed ministers. He believes that the Iranian MPs didn’t fulfill their jobs.

“As a matter of fact, a number of Iranian MPs were trying to attribute the proposed ministers to election protests. It seems the Members of Parliament didn’t review the resumes of these candidates, and rejected them according to unsubstantiated claims.” Zibakalam told local media on Saturday.

The Iranian scholar says MPs are only looking to ‘defame’ the proposed ministers. “Election protest is not unique to Iran. We can observe the same happenings in third world countries, where people don’t have correct views about democracy.”

“Now, we should not investigate the proposed ministers based on their role in the 2009–10 Iranian election protests. Unfortunately a large number of conservative politicians are always trying to defame reformists over the election protests.” Sadegh Zibakalam continued.

“Currently, Islamic Republic of Iran is suffering from problems worse than protests. Inflation and unemployment rate are the main issues of the Iranian society at this time. But conservatives are only paying attention to the past election protests. In my opinion, it’s better if conservative political parties change their views on the subject.” Zibakalam added.

The 2009–10 Iranian election protests were described as the worse protests in Iran after the 1979 Iranian Revolution. The protests lasted for nearly 8 months. According to the statistics released in 2010 by Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution (IRGC), at least 36 people killed in post-vote unrests.

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