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Iranian IT Ministry to Organize the Market of Security Softwares

Internet Users in Iran

Esmail Radkani, director-general of the government-controlled Information Technology Company, said on Tuesday that Iranian government in partnership with IT Ministry is going to organize the domestic market of security softwares.

In recent years, a large number of European and American firms have started distributing their security products and services in Iranian market. Currently, foreign companies have dominated the market of security softwares in Iran. At the time being, local corporations have failed to claim a noticeable market share in this regard.

“Unfortunately, a group of foreign companies have developed anti-virus softwares against Iranian organizations. These kinds of services usually try to penetrate and spy on local computers in Iran. In near future, IT Ministry will issue a guideline and byelaw with regard to buying, selling and trading such services inside the country.” Esmail Radkani remarked in a conference held at Tehran.

Radkani also added that Internet infrastructures need to be improved in Iran. “Giant websites such as Google and Facebook are utilizing pricy and advanced datacenters in the hope of running their businesses. But in Iran, we have yet to provide enough facilities to local companies and websites willing to continue their career online. I believe that Iranian government should allocate extra budget to reinforce current network facilities in country.”

“The first comprehensive video portal in Iran should be launched by 2016.” Esmail Radkani concluded. Earlier this year, the government of Islamic Republic promised to launch the first Iran-based video sharing and video watching service in near future.

According to Iran’s IT Ministry, the country has more than 45 million Internet users.

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