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Iranian Government to Launch ‘Easy Marriage’ Project

Marriage and Divorce in Iran

As the inflation and unemployment rates have been increased dramatically in Iran, many young people failed to marry on time. In last decade, the average age of marriage in Iran for males was 27. This number has been increased to 30, which has raised questions against the performance of Iranian government over controlling this measure.

Masoud Amini, Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, announced on Sunday that Iranian government is working on a plan named ‘easy marriage’. By getting this proposal approved in parliament, the government will be able to allocate low-interest loans to young male in the hope of helping them to marry at the right age.

“This project has been reviewed by religious leaders of Qom Seminary and the members of city councils. We intend to launch this plan in all around the country in order to assist young couples.” Masoud Amini told local media.

Socialists and religious leaders believe that the crime rates will be reduced significantly in Islamic Republic, if the local government helps young males and females to marry on early ages.

The costs of renting a new home, holding the wedding ceremony and etc are among expenses that should be paid by new young couples in Iran.

At the time being, almost one in five marriages led to divorce in Iran. According to studies conducted by various organizations, moral corruption, mental disorder, unemployment, and alimony payments are among top reasons cause divorce in this Middle Eastern state.

Religious leaders and Ayatollahs have already warned against distasteful consequences of high divorce rates in the country.

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