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Iranian Ayatollahs Allow Rightel to Offer Video-Call Service

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Rightel, the only 3G mobile operator of Iran, is currently banned from offering the video-call service to subscribers. The company was forced to suspend this on-demand service following a fatwa (religious decree) issued by Iranian Ayatollahs.

Gholam Reza Ghasemi, the managing director of Rightel, announced on Saturday that Rightel will restart offering the video-call service by the end of this year.

“We are currently pursuing the negotiations with the officials of Iran’s Ministry of Science and Technology over the video-call service. It is worth mentioning that the video-call service only accounts for one percent of the revenues of mobile networks in other countries, but Rightel is looking to offer this valuable service to its clients in near future,” Gholam Reza Ghasemi said in an interview with local media.

“The managers of Rightel have held several meetings with religious leaders to explain the advantages of such services. Accordingly we have managed to convince them to allow Rightel to offer this service,” Ghasemi added.

Before suspending its video-call service, Rightel used to offer this service for a few months. “In that period, we didn’t receive any abuse reports for this service. By the way, we are ready to follow the orders of the nation’s religious leaders,”

Analysts have recently criticized Rightel for overpricing its services, with compared to other careers in the country. Gholam Reza Ghasemi says this company is pricing its services according to national regulations.

“As a matter of fact we have recruited a number of Iranian experienced consultants in this regard. I can make you sure that Rightel is not overpricing its services, but we are trying to offer our services at the cheapest rate possible. On the other hand, the qualities of Rightel’s services are higher than services offered by other mobile networks in the country,” Gholam Reza Ghasemi concluded.

It is worth mentioning that Rightel is currently serving subscribers in Iran’s major cities including but not limited to Tehran, Tabriz, Isfahan and Mashhad.

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