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Iran to Offer ‘Customized’ Internet Filtering System to Clients

Internet Filtering System of Iran

Over the past few years, a large number of IT analysts and experts have censured Iranian government and Internet Filtering Committee for applying strict restrictions on accessing certain websites. According to unofficial statistics, almost 55% of websites are officially blocked in Iran.

Secretary of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace Mehdi Akhavan Behabadi said on Wednesday that Iranian government is testing a new feature in the hope of offering ‘customized’ filtering system to clients.

“The new filtering system will block websites for users according to their ages and careers. For instance, some journalists and researchers need to gain access to blocked websites. By launching this project, the certain types of clients will be able to use customized Internet filtering services.” Mehdi Akhavan Behabadi said during an interview with state television.

“By developing and improving smart algorithms, we can enhance the productivity of Internet filtering system in Iran. Currently, we are conferring with our colleagues with regard to changing the structure of filtering systems.” Behabadi added.

Iranian government has previously announced that it will replace World Wide Internet with local Intranet for Iranian users. Behabadi believes that such plans should not be discussed in public. “We don’t need to talk about these plans in public. As clients don’t have any information in this regard, some problems and criticisms will be raised by analysts.”

With the population of 80 million people, Iran has more than 45 million Internet users. Although the government has blocked access to social networking websites, many clients have managed to open accounts in these websites including Twitter and Facebook.

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