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Iran Khodro Rejects Peykan Rumors

Iran Khodro Peykan

Currently, Iranian car manufacturers are experiencing difficulties in producing new cars as they have been sanctioned by European governments. French corporations used to supply the main parts of the necessary raw materials to Iranian companies for manufacturing new cars. A few days ago local media in Iran reported that Iran Khodro will start manufacturing Peykan in near future.

Seven years ago, Iran Khodro decided to stop manufacturing Peykan. The recent rumors have made Iran Khodro Industrial Group to publish an statement in this regard to clarify its position.

“The new rounds of sanctions on Iran’s economy will affect the operations of local car manufacturers. During the recent years, Iranian companies have managed to produce 100% homemade cars by recruiting the best engineers and scientists.” The announcement published by Iran Khodro read.

“Over the past few days, we have observed that a group of economists have made baseless comments regarding the operation of Iran Khodro Industrial Group. We can make people sure that this company will not start manufacturing Peykan in future.”

Iranian economists argue that local car manufacturers are currently unable to assemble new cars without using foreigner parts. So they have concluded that Iran Khodro will start producing Paykan in near future.

It is good to mention that Paykan was very popular in Iran from the late 1960s to the late ’90s. It is often referred as the Iranian “chariot”. The Paykan design was based on the 1967 Hillman Hunter (also known as Rootes Arrow), which was originally designed and manufactured by the British Rootes Group.

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