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i-Air Touch Glasses Enable Virtual Display Interaction

i-AirScience and technology have made it quite far and now we are able to control virtual touchscreens and keyboards with only a pair of unique goggles. The Industrial Technology Research Institute has developed a new technology that uses these special glasses to enable users to control data on virtual keyboards.

The new i-Air technology basically allows users to be free from the hassle of physical components and devices. All that is required is for the user to wear a special pair of spectacles and with that the user can remain connected to the real world despite the absence of physical devices like keyboards.

ITRI Electronics and Optoelectronics Research Laboratories’ Deputy General, Golden Tiao said that “i-Air Touch creates new possibilities for wearable and mobile computing by freeing users from the distraction of locating and touching keys on a physical input device for hands-free computing and improving security over voice commands.”

This technology is of great benefit to different kinds of users as it can be utilized for medical procedures as well as industrial applications. Of course, a number of businesses will also be able to make good use of the new i-Air virtual technology.

A DDDR Camera is one of the basic components of i-Air touch. It stands for Defined Distance and Defined Range. Through this newly developed camera, a phase-coded and color-coded lens detects objects that are at a distance of 11-12.5 inches from the goggles. The camera works only when there is a fingertip present in that range of distance.

At the absence of a fingertip, all virtual images are closed. Upon detection of a fingertip, the DDDR camera also makes sure of the fact that the user is actually trying to touch the virtual device and not making some other random movement.

In earlier news, ITRI stated that “A successful virtual touch triggers i-Air Touch to send a signal to the host device (a computer, laptop, smartphone, etc.) signifying that a key has been pressed or a touchscreen function has been touched.”

One of the best features of the DDDR camera technology is that unlike other wearable computers, the DDDR has the ability to conserve battery power. This is a huge benefit because so many manufacturers face battery issues and are always trying to find ways for maximum power conservation.

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