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Hassan Kamrani: Iranian Businessmen Should Focus on Afghan Markets

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Hassan Kamrani, an Iranian economist and scholar, says Afghan markets are great opportunities to take advantage of for Iranian businessmen. Over the past few years, Iranian traders have lost their international markets due to economic sanctions on Iran.

“The conditions of Afghanistan have improved in recent years. The national currency of this country has gained interest against Iranian Rial. Currently, Pakistani and Chinese products have dominated Afghanistan’s massive markets.” Hassan Kamrani said in an interview with Herald Boy.

“According to statistics released by Iran’s Economy and Finance Ministry last month, a large number of Iranian businessmen have started exporting their goods and products to Afghanistan. In my opinion, more companies will focus on Afghan markets because of high profit margins.” Kamrani declared Iranians’ interests in Afghanistan’s markets.

The economist says Iranian companies and individual exporters will miss the European markets in near future. “Iranians used to enjoy the potential of European markets before. But the recent sanctions on Iran have banned domestic companies from exporting their goods, services and products to the European states.”

Iran is currently suffering from restrictive sanctions on its economy. The nuclear case of Islamic Republic has led to fatal economic embargoes.

Hassan Kamrani believes that the Iranian government should negotiate with world powers in the hope of lifting these kinds of sanctions. “By lifting these sanctions, Iranians can reach more regional and international markets. This will automatically increase exports to other countries, and the unemployment rate will decrease significantly.”

At this time, more than 30% of Iranians are unemployed. According to unofficial studies conducted by independent institutions, at least 40% of plants and factories were forced to close down because of unprecedented recession of Iranian economy.

“By employing right policies, these problems can be resolved. However, all political parties need to fully support the government to cope with these issues.” Kamrani concluded.

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