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Google’s ‘Over the Top’ Talking Shoe

Talking ShoeGoogle has made it quite far in the development of high-tech gadgets and the Google Glass is obviously a spectacular example of futuristic technology. However, it seems like maybe the multinational corporation took it a little too far this time with the introduction of its Talking Shoe. Well, it could be a good step. Let’s just find out.

We are talking about a regular pair of shoes. The only difference is that one of the shoes is capable of talking to you. It has certain electronic components inside such as a speaker, accelerometer, pressure sensor, computer and gyroscope that connect the shoe to your cellular device and through this link it speaks to you with words of encouragement that push you to strive for more movement and physical activity.

There have been many inventions created specifically for the purpose of helping people with their workout and physical fitness. Among these we have seen Nike wristbands and other fitness trackers that display the stats of your timing, distance, speed and the number of calories burnt. In all honesty, none of these devices are as unique and (ahem… ridiculous) as the Talking Shoe.

You know how highly encouraged you feel when someone keeps commenting on your activity. Hearing something like, “Is that all you’ve got?” or “what a couch potato” really gear you up to put your body into motion. So having a shoe that keeps track of your movement and continuously motivates you to get up and work those calories off is a very creative step towards the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

For some people this shoe might be a ‘pain in the ass’ but for those who need entertainment to push them towards physical activity, the talking shoe is definitely worth trying out. It will make sure that you become enthusiastic to leave your state of inactivity and get started with physically enduring exercises.

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