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Gecko – A Gesture Controlled Smart Remote For Your Smartphone

GeckoGecko is the new wireless remote that is almost equal in size to a quarter dollar coin. It is an all-in-one Bluetooth-powered security and tracking device. Developed by Indian technologists, Gecko comes with a number of features and controls your Smartphone. You simply have to shake or turn the device in a particular orientation.

A while back, the device was launched as an Indiegogo project on September 11. Fortunately, the tiny Smartphone accessory has already passed its funding goal of $50,000 and made it to $92,795; that too with a few more days left for fundraising.

The little remote works with gesture technology so you can specify certain hand movements to perform actions such as sending a text, making a call or scrolling through your music playlists.

It can be used for keeping tabs on the movement of doors; anytime a door opens it will send you an alert. Even better, you could hook it onto your precious phone or a beloved pet so that you know where it is when it goes missing. You can even use Gecko as a no-motion detector. That means if there is no movement going on at a particular time, it will alert you.

There are so many useful tips when it comes to Gecko. You can set reminders, too. For example, if you didn’t touch the medicine cabinet at a particular time, the device will send you an alert and you would know that you missed your pills.

You can sync the tiny tracker to your phone’s camera or even a professional DSLR and shoot photos using the remote control provided by Gecko. Wait, there’s more!

Not only does Gecko work as a motion detector and tracking device but it also has temperature sensing abilities. It keeps a record of the current room climate and if temperature increases or decreases more than usual, it alerts you.

The small-sized multi-functional device is compatible with all devices that integrate Bluetooth 4.0. That includes the iPhone 4S, devices with Android 4.3 or higher and Samsung devices having Android 4.2 or higher versions of the OS. A fun fact about the gadget is that you can pair many Geckos with one Smartphone.

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