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Egyptian People Need More Independence: Iranian MP

Mehdi Sanaei member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Majlis Iran

Mehdi Sanaei, a member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Majlis, says the Egyptian people need more independence to complete the revolution. According to the Iranian MP, Egyptians are suffering from an incomplete revolution, which has led to common problems in this country.

Islamic Republic of Iran and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamanei have already condemned Egyptian army for ousting the former president Mohammad Mursi.

“As the Egyptian government has failed to establish a consistent revenue stream, the country is forced to accept financial aides from the other countries, especially the United States. According to media reports, U.S. government contributes almost one billion dollar every year to Egypt’s economy.” Mehdi Sanaei told reporters on Wednesday.

The Member of Parliament believes that Egypt is still following the policies set by the Western governments because of their financial aides.

“Currently, the people of Egypt are mainly suffering from such dependences. I recommend the next government of Egypt to form an experienced team of economists to rebuild the nation’s economy from scratch. In my opinion, Egypt is capable of enjoying a flourishing economy.” Mehdi Sanaei, Iranian MP, added.

At the time, different sectors play pivotal roles in Egypt’s economy. Over the past few years, the energy sector of Egypt has suffered from a large number of problems.

Sanaei also declared the support of Iran for Egyptians. “Islamic Republic of Iran is always ready to offer its sincere helps and aides to the government of Egypt. We strongly believe that Iran as a Muslim state is responsible for helping Egypt, if necessary.”

Egyptian army has recently warned Iran of intervening in domestic affairs of Egypt. The Iranian government has repeatedly asked the Egypt’s army to cut its ties with Israel and the United States.

Under Mohammad Mursi, Iran and Egypt managed to establish initial ties almost after 30 years. However, the disagreements between Iran and Egypt over Syria’s crisis didn’t allow the two countries to expand their relations.

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