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Analysts: Apple’s Products to Dominate Iranian Markets

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In recent years, Apple was banned from delivering its products to Iranian markets because of international embargoes on Iran’s economy. However, the U.S. government has recently revoked restrictions for Apple. The new order enables Apple to sell its products on Iranian markets directly.

For a long time, Samsung was enjoying Iran’s technology markets. Subsequently the South Korean company has reduced its activities in Iran. Marketers and sellers suggest that Samsung has lost its market share in Iran as Apple is now allowed to sell its products to Iranians. According to local media reports, Samsung has cut its budgets for marketing purposes in Iran.

“Apple is currently one of the most famous and popular brands in Iranian markets. Demands for buying Apple’s products have increased dramatically during the recent years and months.” Ghasem Najafabadi, a mobile phone seller, told the Herald Boy.

Unofficial statistics conducted by independent institutions suggest that Apple’s digital devices are best selling in Iranian markets.

Over the past few years, Iranian rial has lost its value against U.S. dollar. Consequently, the prices of imported digital devices have increased significantly. “In fact, the customers of Apple’s products are limited and they can be found only in major cities. Not all the Iranians can afford to buy products developed by Apple.” Ghasem Najafabadi added.

Currently, the average income of every Iranian is estimated less than $400 per month. While buying Apple’s products cost a lot for ordinary clients in the country.

Although Apple is able to accept orders from Iranian nationals, its official website doesn’t list Iran as supported countries.

Ghasem Najafabadi says more Iranians will buy Apple’s products if the website starts shipping to Iran. “Ordering smart phones and digital devices via the official website of Apple will reduce the total costs of the merchandises for Iranians. In my opinion, this will make more Iranians to order Apple’s products.”

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