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Ali Rabiei to Choose the ‘Best’ Manager for Social Security Organization

Iran Social Security Organization

Social Security Organization is responsible for regulating health care programs in Iran. During the recent months, SSO and the Iranian government have failed to import the necessary medicines to support ill people in the country.

Iran’s Labor and Social Affairs Minister Ali Rabiei said on Monday that he wants to select the best Iranian manager to supervise Social Security Organization. SSO also serves as a social insurer organization in Iran.

“Unfortunately Iranians are badly suffering from the problems with regard to health care programs. As a matter of fact, we need to choose the best possible manager to direct this organization in the hope of making positive changes,” the Iranian minister told a press-conference.

Ali Rabiei believes that Social Security Organization should offer better insurance services to Iranians. “Sometimes, insured people are forced to pay more than 50% of their medical bills despite being insured by SSO. I intend to make better conditions for Iranians, who trust in the local government,”

Social Security Organization has reportedly failed to compensate retired and unemployed Iranians according to the regulations. “I have no intention other than helping my people. In the next few days, I will ratify new rules to resolve the existing problems in this field.” Ali Rabiei concluded.

SSO is mainly controlled by the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security. The organization provides coverage of wage-earners and salaried workers as well as voluntary coverage of self-employed persons.

Amir Tahmasebnejad, an Iranian analyst, says the government should increase the budget of SSO since the organization is experiencing financial problems.

“The problems cannot be resolved until the Iranian government allocate more budgets to the Social Security Organization. Currently, SSO doesn’t have enough money to compensate its clients. I strongly believe that no manager can make positive changes in SSO.” Tahmasebnejad remarked in an interview with the Herald Boy on Monday.

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