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AC Milan to Open Football Academy in Tehran

Mohammad Royanian Managing Director of Iran’s Persepolis football club

Managing Director of Iran’s Persepolis football club Mohammad Royanian announced on Monday that the officials of AC Milan have agreed to open a modern football academy in Tehran on certain conditions.

“According to the recent negotiations between Persepolis and AC Milan, the Italian football club is ready to open its first football academy in Tehran. However, the club has certain conditions. We will sign a new cooperation deal with AC Milan in this regard in near future.” Mohammad Royanian said in a press-conference at Tehran.

He also mentioned that Persepolis and AC Milan are going to schedule a friendly match to honor the former stars of the two clubs. “This match is expected to be held at Tehran’s Azadi Stadium. More information about this will be released over the next few days.”

Persepolis is among the most popular football clubs of Iran and Asia.

Mohammad Royanian, who was appointed as the president of Persepolis in 2012, is determined to increase the cooperation of the Tehran-based football club with famous European teams. In his most recent trip to Russia, Royanian penned new cooperation deals with Rubin Kazan. In 2012, Royanian managed to transfer young goalkeeper Haghighi from Persepolis to Rubin Kazan.

“Over the past few years, Iranian football clubs have failed to establish constructive ties with the European clubs. In my opinion, this kind of cooperation will definitely help Iranian clubs to develop and expand football inside the country efficiently.” Mohammad Alizadeh, an Iranian football analyst, told the Herald Boy.

It is worth mentioning that Persepolis and AC Milan signed cooperation agreement last year. Accordingly the two clubs are expected to cooperate on football-related fields.

Royanian has formed a committee in Persepolis to check the conditions of Italian football club with regard to opening the first foreign football academy in the country.

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