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7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You May Make

Social Media MistakesGetting a social media account on all the websites has become an essential part of branding these days. As all social media marketing experts will tell you that there are seven things that can go wrong when you first begin to explore the internet. Here are the mistakes and how they affect your business:

1.    Forgetting To Post – Having a social media presence is pointless if there is nobody to utilize it. Many brands and companies make an account but post irregularly. This rarely offers good results and ends up undermining the social media marketing efforts altogether.

2.    Clichéd Marketing – Being creative in the way social media marketing is important. Posting images that were popular weeks ago or posting the same tired content no longer works. The marketing department will have to come up with something fresh to make the cut.

3.    Ignoring The Users – Users often use social networking platforms to post complaints and grudges. These should be handled tactfully. The only thing worse than a company that offers frivolous solutions is one that does not respond at all.

4.    Buying The Attention – There a lot of companies that will provide a given number of users for money. While you can purchase a thousand new users a day, they will be off no use since the accounts are fake and will not be doing any publicity for you.

5.    Over Sharing – Most companies have inside jokes and opinions. These are best shared over the lunch table and not on social media. The chances are fairly high that the post can unwittingly offend users or get on their bad side. The idea is to be friendly with social media marketing but not too familiar.

6.    Being The Grouch – Lashing out at users that post criticism constantly is the worst social media marketing strategy. Such users are called ‘trolls’ and they get their kicks from watching the other person becoming annoyed. Accept all criticism graciously and it is best to be polite while handling such interactions.

7.    Handling A Faux Pas – Even the best of social media marketing strategists are not immune to a faux pas or two. Instead of hiding it or deleting the evidence, accept that a mistake has been made. It is best to buy some time here, usually by insinuating that the faux pas may be the result of an account being hacked.

These seven tips should help guide any newcomer through the labyrinth of social media marketing and how it should be handled.

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