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Zaker Ahmadi: Iranian Government Should Revoke Internet Filtering System

Iran's Internet Filtering System

Zaker Ahmadi, an Iranian activist, says the government should revoke Internet filtering system as soon as possible, and allows the citizens to fully take advantage of Internet. In order to prevent clients from browsing certain websites, the Iranian government in cooperation with its Science and Technology Ministry blocks websites.

“Unfortunately in recent years, the Filtering Committee has blocked a large number of websites in various niches and fields. Clients are suffering from these conditions, so we kindly urge the Iranian government to stop blocking useful websites on daily basis.” Zaker Ahmadi told the Herald Boy.

Internet censorship in Iran increased with the administration of conservative president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2005. The new president Hassan Rouhani is expected to apply changes with regard to Internet filtering system in the country. Iran’s president-elect had utilized Twitter and Facebook accounts for his campaigns during 2013 presidential election.

Iranian officials believe that censoring certain websites offering adult and anti-government contents is vital. “Under the excuse of blocking these kinds of websites, the Iranian government is actively blocking other types of sites, which are mainly publishing helpful contents.” Zaker Ahmadi added.

He also went on to say that a large number of websites are blocked by mistake, and there is not any way to unblock them. “In fact, the Iranian officials refuse to accept their mistakes. Accessing to some websites blocked by mistake with no logical reason is vital for students studying in universities for scientific purposes.”

It is worth mentioning that many bloggers, online activists, and technical staff have faced jail terms, harassment and abuse for publishing ‘unacceptable’ articles and files.

According to the latest statistics released on May by Iran’s Science and Technology Ministry, more than 45 million Iranians are actively using Internet. However, independent surveys suggest that most users are not satisfied with the quality of Internet services offered by the government and privately-held companies.

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