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What Defines An Innovation Culture?

Innovation CultureIn the past decade, businesses around the world have adapted to a new model of working. They longer rely on the basic method of simply creating a specific product and shipping it out till the end of time. The idea of building an innovation culture has taken a strong hold on the corporates and it can be seen trickling down into smaller businesses.

What Is Innovation?
Innovation can be a tricky subject to handle. The main idea behind the process is to identify requirements that are rising but are not being met, and then find solutions for the same. Whether it is the need of a niche market or a global force, innovation can find a foothold anywhere. It throws out the idea that thinking within established lines is good for business and pushes people into unfamiliar grounds. Big names such as Google and Apple rely on their innovation culture in order to boost their sales.

Entrepreneurs often find their mark in the world because they dare to innovate. They think ahead and pick out solutions for problems, without thinking of what others may say. However, innovation is not an exclusive playing ground for the bigger companies. Even the local supermarket can figure out means to be innovative in the way they satisfy customer requirements. To build a true innovation culture, one must truly be able to understand it.

The Three C’s of Innovation
Communication – Like all other ventures, communication is the key to usher in an environment of innovation. Many times, there is a lack of clear communication as to why innovation is required. Without establishing a proper channel through which ideas can be discussed, there is very little scope something new to emerge.

Collaboration – It takes a fair amount of teamwork and collaboration to bring innovative ideas from the drawing board to reality. Whether it is the public relations department or the sales team, everybody has to be on board and pitch in his or her ideas. It could also mean reaching out to experts in a field that is related to the project. Global corporations tend to collaborate with singers, artists, scientists, authors and many other people in order to get the best out of their innovation culture.

Commitment – Until all parties are on the same page, there is little chance for innovation culture to move forward. Sometimes the bosses might be against the process; at other times it might be the customers themselves. Everybody has to be sure that this is what they really want.

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