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Violence against Iranian Women on the Rise

Iranian Women and Girls

According to the recent researches conducted by a group of socialists in Tehran, violence against Iranian women has increased significantly.

Shade Ghara Abadi, Nasrin Gerami and Setareh Abdullahi are three researchers and social activists who have launched a project in the hope of supporting the abused women and girls at Tehran.

“We kindly urge the Iranian government and police to take action with regard to violence against women in Tehran and the other major cities of the country. Currently, there is not any official statistics about the number of women being abused at home or work space.” The researchers told the local reporters on Saturday.

Setareh Abdullahi declared that a number of women have been sexually abused at work. “During the researches, we understood that a remarkable number of employed women have been sexually abused and raped at work space by their employees or other co-workers.”

Traditionally, Iranian men used to ban their wives and sister from working in privately-held companies and governmental organizations because of the corruption and immorality.

Shade Ghara Abadi went on to ask the municipalities to improve cities’ facilities and infrastructures in order to reduce violence against women. “Based on independent surveys, Iranian women believe that poor monitoring and surveillance of police have resulted in more violence and dangers against women.”

“A meaningful number of abused women fail or fear to report violence. As reputations of women and girl are very important for themselves and their families, many women refuse to report violence. Substantially, this puts women at more risk.” Nasrin Gerami, the other member of this group, underlined.

United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) has already warned against the violence against Iranian women. Local feminists believe that women’s issues must be further investigated since so many women are facing domestic violence in Iran.

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