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Vardestani: Iran’s Technology Ministry Should Improve Communications Infrastructure

Communications Infrastructure of Iran

In recent years, many analysts have warned against the poor communications infrastructure of Iran. According to experts, Iran is not taking advantage of ‘valid’ structures in this regard. As the country is extremely suffering from sanctions, the government cannot import the necessary hard wares to improve the communications infrastructures.

Ahmad Vardestani, an Iranian analyst, says the government must take this problem serious. “The Ministry of Science and Technology should start organizing and arranging Internet Protocols (IPs) in the country. There is currently a limited number of valid and authentic IPs in Iran,”

He also went on to highlight the poor quality of Internet services in Islamic Republic of Iran. “I strongly believe that the Internet speed in Iran cannot be compared with the quality of Internet services in the European and Asian states. The Internet clients in Afghanistan are actually taking advantage of better Internet services than Iranian users,”

Iran is reportedly looking to replace World Wide Web with its homemade ‘Halal Internet’. Iranian new President Hassan Rouhani has yet to make any comment about the future of this project which was originally started under Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

“On the other side, the price of Internet plans in Iran is two times more than the price of Internet services in the United Kingdom and Australia,” Ahmad Vardestani told the Herald Boy on Friday.

Telecommunication Company of Iran is currently responsible for maintaining communications infrastructures in the country. In recent months, analysts have called on the Iranian government to facilitate the privatization of Telecommunication Company. Accordingly Iranians believe that the overall quality of services will be improved by transferring the role to private sector.

“In my opinion, analysts need to review the different aspects of this proposal carefully. As a matter of fact, most private companies in Iran are in some way owned by the Iranian government.” Ahmad Vardestani concluded.

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