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Trends, Opportunities and Challenges of Mobile Marketing Research Rolfe, global mobile practice leader at Kantar Mobile, covered certain trends and areas of opportunities in the field of mobile marketing research. He presented during the July 2013 event, Market Research in the Mobile World North America, in Minneapolis, USA.

Rolfe traced the long history of mobile research, including the period when internet research was still controversial and its strengths in terms of market research were yet to be understood and tapped. He also shared anecdotes regarding certain people who became fixated with their mobile devices and became obsessed with online communication that they even shunned actual social interaction in lieu of spending time with virtual friends.

Mobile devices can effectively enable their users to interact with and experience the continuous flow of information, according to Rolfe. And this is something that market researchers should leverage to enhance their market research methodologies. Rolfe was also quick to point out that online and mobile market research should not be treated as a quick and easy way to mine data from consumers, emphasizing that attempting to sell goods to customers is different from doing research on what goes on when consumers formulate buying decisions.

Mobile marketing research speeds up timing and thus lowers costs. Rolfe cited examples involving emerging markets, such as Africa and Asia, where he saw the biggest opportunities and potential for a shift away from laborious pen-and-paper interviewing and the interview biases inherent in such an antiquated method.

The large-scale recruitment of respondents and finding “reliable” respondents still pose challenges to researchers, regardless of the methodology used. However, these market research obstacles should and can be hurdled over time.

In this presentation, numerous important insights and recurring themes are reinforced. One of them is the importance of flexibility in accommodating the strengths of new technologies such as wearable computing.

Positive signs are evident in the direction of market research growth. Rolfe said that market research technologies are approaching maturity, as exemplified by the deft handling of apps, SMS, and mixed-mode methodologies.

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