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Toluna Incorporates Geo-Fencing Technology into its TolunaMobile Diary App

Toluna Team

The Toluna Team at MRMW North America 2013

Toluna, leading market research panel technology provider, has today confirmed that its TolunaMobile™ Diary app now empowers clients to use geo-fencing capabilities to target respondents for survey research based on their specific location.

TolunaMobile™ Diary is a versatile app that functions across smartphones and tablets. It is used by leading brands across a variety of sectors. Clients include a major sporting organisation, which used the technology to allow audience participation during the interval of a sports match through tailored real-time polls to gauge interest and preferences.

Another client, a leading fast-food outlet, was able to ask customers to provide feedback about their menu board while in-store. Customers were able to comment on the retailer’s offerings in real time and post photos  that helped validate pricing and menu presentation.

The geofencing element of the app is also used by retailers, to target customers for survey participation, based on their location, ideal for companies that want to understand ‘in-the moment’ decision-making.

In addition to general survey functionality, respondents can upload video content and photos, as well as read UPC barcodes. Using barcodes ensures the data about a brand’s specific product is accurate, rather than having to rely on customer-supplied information about the particular model / size of the product they are using.

In addition, the app can send automatic and customised updates and remind respondents to input information based on their geolocation and current activity, which helps to further optimise engagement. Now, using geo-fencing technology, TolunaMobile™ Diary can deliver surveys to respondents as they come into a specific location, enabling a much more “real-time” method of research.

The geo-fencing capability of the app is available in several countries and polls are available in more than 30 different languages.

Toluna has been developing mobile technology and conducting mobile market research surveys since 2009, giving them vast experience.

Carol Haney, Toluna’s SVP, Group Product Marketing, commented, “The ability to push surveys to Toluna’s panelists based on their location presents limitless opportunities for real-time market research. The app is ideal for brand marketers interested in capturing instantaneous feedback through diaries, ethnography, and tracking across a wide range of topics in several languages across the globe.”

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