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The Ex-Commander of IRGC Predicts Massive Crises in Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt

As the Muslim Brotherhood has lost its political influence in Egyptian community, many analysts have predicted massive crises in this Middle Eastern country.

Talking to a group of reporters on Friday, Hossein Kanani Moghadam, the former military commander of Islamic Revolutions Guardians Corpse (IRGC), said that Egyptians must be aware of the future operations taken by Muslim Brotherhood against civilians.

“Since many years ago, Muslim Brotherhood was trying to mount its politicians as the governors of Egypt. But as soon as they got the power, they failed to apply their positive policies. This has made the Egyptian people and army to oust Mohammad Morsi.” Hossein Kanani Moghadam said.

Moghadam also went on to alarm regional governments about the ongoing developments. “I believe that Muslim Brotherhood will return to the community in near future. If they get armed by Western countries, this group will be turned into a terrorist organization. The Middle Eastern governments should be alarmed about this danger posed by Muslim Brotherhood.”

Iranian officials have previously compared Egyptian revolution to Iran’s Islamic Revolution which happened in 1979. “Unfortunately, Muslim Brotherhood didn’t rule the country base on constitutional guidelines. However, Iranian late supreme leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, managed to apply Islamic rules according to Iran’s constitution successfully. This is the main difference between Iranian and Egyptian revolutions.” Hossein Kanani Moghadam concluded.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has also held two rounds of meetings with his Egyptian counterpart, Mohammad Morsi, in order to establish friendly ties with Egypt. The two countries cut their bilateral ties after 1979.

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