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Tehran Municipality to Hold Cultural Events during Ramadan

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Tehran Municipality announced on Sunday that a number of various cultural events will be held during the holy month of Ramadan in Tehran. Citizens are free to attend any of these events, which will be started at nights in different parks and resorts.

According Mostafa Halali, Deputy Mayor of Tehran, these cultural events are designed to promote and present Islamic lifestyle. Over the past few years, Tehran Municipality was an active governmental organization in holding such events and activities in Tehran.

“The events are completely free to attend. Famous presenters and singers will keep people entertained during the nights of Ramadan.” Mostafa Halali told the reporter of Herald Boy in Tehran.

“Hundreds of thousands of citizens joined the similar events organized by Tehran Municipality last year. We received remarkable feedbacks from people and officials with regard to holding this type of activities.” Mostafa Halali added.

He went on to mention that the events and activities are completely family-friendly and Iranian police will safeguard parks during Ramadan. “According to the latest agreement between Iranian police and Tehran Municipality, police officers will monitor parks and public places closely during the holy month of Ramadan.”

Police has already asked young women and girls to wear suitable Hijab in nightlifes. “I hope Tehrani girls and boys cooperate with Iranian Police with regard to wearing proper Hijab and following Islamic guidelines. We aim to make people amused rather than getting them into troubles.” Mostafa Halali concluded.

A number of Iranian MPs have already criticized Tehran Municipality for conducting these activities, in which people do not follow Islamic rules. During the recent years, conservative members of parliament have impeached Tehran Mayor Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf of violating Islamic guidelines and laws.

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