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Tehran Municipality and Irancell Open Twitter Accounts

Tehran Municipality Twitter Account

Although Twitter is officially blocked by the Iranian government, Tehran Municipality and Irancell have recently opened new Twitter accounts in the hope of reaching local users in this popular social networking website.

According to the official account of Twitter in Persian, these accounts have been verified by the U.S.-based company, and all tweets are endorsed by these organizations.

Javad Maleki, an Iranian IT analyst, says taking these kinds of measures is ‘promising’ for the future of Internet in the country. “In my opinion, Iranian organizations understand the real position of Twitter and Facebook between users. More people open accounts in these websites on daily basis, so the local organizations can target Iranian clients effectively by using these networks.”

“This may also change the views of Iranian officials about social networking websites. Twitter and Facebook might be unblocked in near future.” Javad Maleki told the Herald Boy on Sunday.

“Currently, there is not any information about the exact number of social accounts made by Iranians in Facebook and Twitter. But unofficial sources suggest that Iranians have created around 6 million accounts only in Facebook. The huge number of people using these websites has tempted local organizations to take their promotional campaigns to Twitter and Facebook.” Javad Maleki concluded.

The official Twitter accounts of Tehran Municipality and Irancell send messages in Persian and English.

In 2009, the Filtering Committee of Iran blocked access to popular social networking websites including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter. In that time, Iranian protesters used to take advantage of social networking sites to arrange demonstrations against the Iranian government.

It is worth mentioning that Iran’s Cyber Police has repeatedly warned users against circumventing Internet filtering system. Over the past few years, a number of people have been arrested by the Iranian Police for selling and distributing anti-filtering software.

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