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Tehran Citizens Unhappy with Unbearable Heat

Tehran Unbearable Heat

Although Tehran is located in the Middle East region, it has never experienced such types of heat waves during the recent 50 years. The unbearable heat has led to historic daily water consumption. The managers of Iran’s Water Organization have repeatedly asked citizens to optimize water consumption.

Addressing the reporter of Herald Boy in Tehran, Hossein Ali Mardani, 72, says: “I emigrated from Mashhad to Tehran 53 years ago, but I have not ever experienced this kind of heat wave.”

As the holy month of Ramadan, in which Muslims fast, has occurred in summer, Mardani believes that fasting is a kind of ‘holy war’ in this condition. “In my opinion, only a few people can fast. You cannot spend much time in streets and alleys without drinking a bottle of water.” According to unofficial statistics, around 40% of Tehran citizens fast during Ramadan.

“Currently, most people prefer to stay at their homes until afternoon. The number of passengers has decreased significantly, compared to the same period of time in winter.” Mohsen Ghodousi, a taxi driver, told the Herald Boy.

Ghodousi went on to mention that youths are unable to tolerate the existing warmth of Tehran. “People quarrel and argue more often in these days. The recent heat wave is actually unbearable, which has made numerous problems and issues for citizens.”

According to medial sources, more people have affected by heat-related illnesses like sunstroke. City officials have already asked citizens to not leave their homes, unless they have important tasks.

It is good to know that with a population of about 8,300,000 and about 14 million metropolitan area, Tehran is Iran’s largest city and urban area, and one of the largest cities in Western Asia.

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