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Taghvanejad : Iran is Capable of Exporting Agricultural Commodities

Iran Agricultural Commodities

Mohsen Taghvanejad, an Iranian scholar, said on Wednesday that Iran is capable of exporting agricultural commodities to international markets, if the Iranian government starts supporting local farmers and businessmen.

In recent days, a large number of economists have criticized the Iranian government for not paying subsidies to farmers reaping their products in Iran’s Northern provinces. Accordingly, the government used to encourage the production of specific crops through farm subsidies over the past few years.

“Iran has great resources and massive potential. According to the latest studies conducted by Food and Agricultural Organization, more countries will need to import agricultural commodities in coming years. Iran plays a key role in this field.” Mohsen Taghvanejad remarked in an interview with the Herald Boy.

Taghvanejad believes that Iran can export its agricultural products to the Persian Gulf states. “Arab states in the Middle East region cannot improve their agricultural system because of various reasons. At the same time, Iran can take advantage of this massive market by exporting agricultural commodities.”

Iranian companies used to export agricultural products to the European and American states too, but the recent economic sanctions limit the transactions of Iran-based companies with foreign customers.

Spain, the Netherlands, France and Canada were among the importers of agricultural products from Iran. Now they have minimized their imports from Islamic Republic of Iran significantly.

Mohsen Taghvanejad says the Iranian government can reduce the negative effects of economic embargoes by strengthening agriculture sector. “It is good to know that Iran can enjoy Asian and the Middle Eastern markets despite being sanctioned by the European states. Subsequently, the government and privately-held companies will make more revenues, which will result in better economy for the Iranian nationals.”

It is worth mentioning that only 12% of the total land area is under cultivation in Iran. One-third of the cultivated area is irrigated.

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