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Sony Unveils New Personal 3D Viewer


How would you like to have access to your very own personal 3D theater at any given time of the day? It sure sounds impossible but Sony has thought otherwise. The tech giant is about to introduce a fresh new concept of 3D viewing to the whole world.

The very first personal 3D theater is going to bring one amazing experience for high definition lovers. With 5.1 channel Virtual Surround sound and a completely Crosstalk-free 3D viewing experience, the new Sony HMZ-T2 wearable theater technology.

The head mounted display has a 720 pixel high definition OLED panel which is divided into a pair of two OLED displays. It’s a 330g device that falls right before the user’s eyes. It can be connected as a pairing device with game consoles, Blu-Ray players and laptops.

Stereoscopic images are displayed and they provide an illusion of depth. Sony claims that they have also worked on removing the problem of Crosstalk. With the usage of new displays, this issue is claimed to have been resolved.

Using the display, you will have the experience of a stunning, crystal clear 750 virtual screen appearing to be 20 meters away. Along with a 45 degree field of view, the gadget integrates special ear buds to bring a real surround sound experience. You can choose from up to four different modes that also feature a harmonic equalizer. To use the HMZ-T2 3D viewer, the complete unit is adjusted right in front of the eyes with the help of a headband, contact points and forehead pad.

Watching some high-resolution movies in your free time can’t get any better than this. All you have to do is slip the device onto your head and it’s very comfortable. The overall viewing, listening and wearing experience is enough to give you the kind of spectacular movie time you deserve after a long day.

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