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Socialists Warn About the New Generation of Drug Abusers in Iran

Drug Abusers in Iran

During the recent years, the number of drug addicts has been increased dramatically in Iran. Last year, the officials of Islamic Republic announced that around 130,000 people are being addicted to various drugs each year. However, unofficial statistics suggest that the reported number is undervalued since the government of Iran is trying to hide the real number of drug abusers.

Majid Abhari, an Iranian activist and socialist, warns about the new generation of drug addicts in Iran. He believes that educated generation in Iran is actively being addicted to drugs as they fail to find a suitable job according to their specialties. The unemployment rate has been grown significantly in Iran as the economy of this country has been badly hit by international embargoes.

“Unfortunately, there is not any comprehensive database about drug addicts in our country. By garnering the related information, Iranian government can organize campaigns against drug abusing.” Majid Abhari remarked during a seminar held in Tehran on Sunday.

Abhari went on to ask for a national campaign against drug abuse and illicit trafficking in Iran. “I personally admire the Iranian police for its massive efforts in this regard. But we need to establish a national unity to cope with this problem. I kindly ask all private and governmental organizations to do what they could to enroot drug abusing in Iran.”

Iranian polices seize tonnes of drugs in its border with Pakistan and Afghanistan annually. In recent years, more than 3,700 members of Iranian security forces have been killed because of fights with drug smugglers.

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