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Socialists: Economic Pressures Affect Lifestyles of Iranians

Lifestyles of Iranians in Iran

Socialists in Iran suggest that current economic pressures on youngsters can dramatically change their lifestyles. At this time, almost 30% of Iranians are unemployed and the current inflation rate is more than 35%.

“Iranian youngsters have different types of priorities for their life. The current generation of young people in Iran consists of rich and poor people. The poor populations of youngsters are unable to select their own lifestyles because of economic pressures such as high inflation rate.” Mahmoud Shahabi, an Iranian socialist and scholar, told the Herald Boy.

As the Iranian government is actively proposing various plans in order to fix problems of the young generation, Mahmoud Shahabi says youngsters need to get more trusts in the performance of local officials.

“Unfortunately, the top-level managers of Iranian government have failed to launch any constructive project in this field. Currently, young people in Iran have lost their trust in Iranian government; I personally think that this issue must be addressed as soon as possible.” Mahmoud Shahabi added.

“Families in cooperation with the local government should try to provide basic amenities, jobs and education to young generation in order to prepare them for the future life. At this time, no measure has been taken with regard to this fact, and this has led to unhealthy lifestyles.” Shahabi concluded.

With the population of 77,176,930 people, Iran is among most crowded countries in West Asia and the Middle East region.

The recent economic sanctions, combined with high inflation, a devalued currency and falling levels of disposable income, have significantly affected levels of consumer spending in Iran.

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