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Seyyed Hassan Rasouli Explains the Intentions of ‘Baran’ Foundation

Mohammad Reza Aref in Iran

Mohammad Reza Aref, the reformist candidate of Iran’s recent presidential election, has formed the foundation of Baran.  Seyyed Hassan Rasouli, one of the spokesmen of Aref, said on Saturday that the main goal of this foundation is helping Iranian government to organize national affairs in many aspects.

Currently, almost all members of Baran foundation are Iranian reformists who have supported Hassan Rowhani to win Iran’s 2013 presidential election. “Mohammad Reza Aref has gained international and national fame because of running for Iran’s 2013 presidential election. He has decided to establish Baran foundation in order to use his popularity in the best ways possible.” Seyyed Hassan Rasouli told a press-conference.

“The foundation has yet to start its main activities and operations. Aref and his deputies are in the middle of evaluating the position of Baran between Iranians.” Rasouli added. He also went on to say that Baran foundation might be turned into a new official political party in country. “This is one of the ideas of reformists.”

“Currently, we are scheduling the activities of Baran foundation according to Islamic Republic constitution and guidelines. It is good to mention that Baran was originally founded by Mohammad Reza Aref in 2009, but he didn’t talk to media in regard to this foundation.” Seyyed Hassan Rasouli added.

“The future of Baran foundation will be determined in next 30-40 days.” Rasouli concluded.

Mohammad Reza Aref was First Vice President from 2001 to 2005 under Mohammad Khatami. He previously served as Minister of Technology in Khatami’s first cabinet. He is currently a member of Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution and Expediency Discernment Council.

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