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Sepahan Captain Talks about New Signings

Moharram Navidkia Captain of Sepahan FC Iran

Managers of Sepahan football club have decided to sign with Iranian top players. They have also managed to transfer players from the Tehran-based football clubs including Persepolis and Esteghlal. In recent weeks, the presidents of these teams have criticized Sepahan for ‘unfair’ competition in transfer window.

Moharram Navidkia, captain of Sepahan FC, says the other clubs are also free to sign with their interested players, and nobody is limiting them from doing so.

Mojtaba Jabbari was the most recent player who joined Sepahan in a blatant move. “Currently, Jabbari is one of the best football players of Iran. I am personally happy that he has decided to join Sepahan FC. I hope he will replicate his successes with Sepahan in upcoming tournaments. In fact, I love his playing style.” Moharram Navidkia said about Sepahan’s new signing.

Analysts believe Jabbari and Navidkia cannot play at the same time for Sepahan. Moharram is not worried about this fact. “The only important thing for me is the accomplishment of Sepahan. Even if I don’t play for the team, I wish all the best for this club. However, I believe that we can play beside each other while contributing the squad in the best possible way.”

“All the new players are professional, and they were among the best players of last season. But we should observe their performance in games.” Moharram Navidkia reiterated.

He also went on to talk about the conditions of Sepahan for next ACL tournament. “Last season, we had some problems and they led into our failure in AFC Champions League. But, I think we can do better in next ACL competition. We are determined to compensate the results of previous season.”

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