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Satellite Phone Companies Delay Localizing Missing Iranian Climbers

Missing Iranian Climbers

Iran’s Science and Technology Ministry announced on Thursday that satellite phone companies have delayed identifying the exact locations of missing Iranian climbers in Pakistan. Currently, a number of rescue teams are working hard to find the three Iranian mountaineers went missing last week.

“The IT Ministry of Iran is doing what it could to find the locations of missing climbers in Pakistan. However, satellite phone companies refused to hand over the information of climbers at the right time to us. We strongly condemn this behavior of satellite phone companies against human being.” Ali Eftekhari, Deputy Head of Iran’s IT Ministry, addressed a press-conference on Thursday.

In recent months, European Union and U.S. government have imposed sanctions on Islamic Republic over Iran’s nuclear activities. Western states have repeatedly accused Iran of developing nuclear weapons. The sanctions also cover subjects related to technology and high-tech. Accordingly, international companies are banned from serving Iranian nationals.

“The missing Iranian climbers in Pakistan were actively using Thuraya’s service to make calls and establish connections. The company published the location of climbers after 48 hours. This delay led to failure in rescue operations of climbers. The Iranian government is going to file a legal complaint against this company in near future.” Ali Eftekhari declared the infuriation of Iranians. Thuraya’s powerful satellites enable two-thirds of the globe’s population to communicate in areas unserved by terrestrial networks.

Two days ago, rescue teams called of searches for missing climbers in Broad Peak-K3. Iran’s embassies in China and Pakistan have urged the rescue teams to resume operations to find missing climbers.

Using social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter, which are officially blocked in the country, Iranians have formed campaigns to honor missing climbers.

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