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Samsung Unveils Curve Smartphone – The Galaxy Round

Samsung Galaxy CurveSamsung has won the rush to be the first phone constructor to launch a curved smartphone. The electronics giant announced late Tuesday that the new Galaxy Round incorporates the latest in screen technology, along with other exclusive characteristics. The device resembles the Galaxy S3 and S4 , but it has minor dip in the middle that determinants the telephone to bend along a vertical axis. The phone’s body itself is rigid, so it doesn’t actually flex or angle – but rather has a stationary bend that is said to fit the contours of a person’s face.

Samsung said the curvature allows users to control their apps, melodies, and photos in a new way. Using the identical functionality , users can combine the phone in distinct ways by pushing down on either edge. In effect, the bent design adds two new buttons to the device by pressing down on either the left or right edge when it is laying on its back.

While the Round’s conceive may not appear to be soil shattering , it does mark the starting of elite mobile manufacturers experimenting with new pattern factors boasting curved-and even bendable -touchscreen apparatus.

As the global smartphone market is slowing down, Samsung needs to find new ways to wow consumers and get them to pay for new devices. A bent brandished could be one component that may attract those buyers. Curved displays are not an entirely new though, Nokia and Apple have been experimenting with bent devices for years and LG is set to launch its own bent smartphone named the G Flex in a couple of weeks!

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