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Samsung Smart Glass -The New Google Glass Challenger?

SamsungIn October 24, 2013,The Wall Street Journal publicized the existence of a design patent filed by a company that has upset Apple’s iPhone market share. Now, that company may be going for Google Glass’ jugular.

A patent on eyewear design was found to have been filed by Samsung Electronics Co. on March 8, 2013 at the Korean Intellectual Property Office. The smartphone-connected sports glasses enable the wearer to display handset information on the glass and enjoy hands-free access and management of smartphone data.

The sketch on the design patent reveals a display screen the size of a thumbnail located on the left eyeglass. The developer edition of the Google Glass, on the other hand, sports its miniature display screen on the right eyeglass.

Although no specifications regarding interactive elements, touch-control mechanisms or connection types are made available on the patent design sketch, it appears that Samsung intends its wearable computing device for outdoor activities or sports. The glass frames seem to be either transparent or translucent on the design sketch. Side buttons are visible. The eyewear is also equipped with a front panel that may be holding a camera. And based on the description, the glasses have built-in earphones for phone calls and music.

There was no comment from Samsung regarding its plans for the smart glass. However, the Korean manufacturing giant is definitely going to market a smart watch to compete against its Apple’s iWatch counterpart.

It should also be taken into account that design patents are simply concepts set to undergo iterations upon iterations until they reach their consumer-grade forms.

Meanwhile, a protracted beta-testing phase has been set for Google Glass and software giant Microsoft is recently reported to have been preparing its own sleek version of the smart glass. It looks like, on the technological front, the future is fraught with the battle of companies putting forth one futuristic wearable electronic gadget after another.

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