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Rightel to Continue Offering Video Call Services in Iran

Rightel Mobile Operator Iran

As the first and only 3G mobile operator of Iran, Rightel has failed to promote its services due to the criticisms of Ayatollahs and Members of Parliament. Accordingly Rightel is not allowed to offer video call services to its subscribers. Iranian religious leaders believe that such services violate Islamic guidelines since they facilitate the connections between males and females.

During the recent months, Rightel was banned from advertising and promoting its video call services based on the new law legislated by the Members of Parliament. However, the company is currently promoting other services in the hope of increasing its market share in Iran.

Iran’s new president Hassan Rouhani is expected to help Rightel with regard to its ongoing disputes with Ayatollahs and Members of Majlis. Arash Karkhei, an Iranian marketer, says Rightel will be able to continue offering its video call services under the management of Hassan Rouhani.

“Rouhani has already declared to support the local companies willing to invest in Iran’s IT markets. The same policy is expected to apply on Rightel’s case. Based on unofficial information, Rightel will carry on offering video call services to its client until the end of this year.” Karkhei told the Herald Boy.

On the other side, Iran’s Science and Technology Ministry has requested Rightel to not provide high-speed Internet services to users. Recently, a large number of clients have criticized Rightel for limiting Internet speed.

The marketing department of Rightel ran several campaigns during the holy month of Ramadan. The company has also reinforced its marketing activities over the Internet. Currently, Rightel is running its advertisements in partnership with top Persian websites in Iran.

At the same time, the Iranian mobile operator has managed to expand its offices in Tehran and the other major cities of the country. Rightel has opened the third public office at ‘Tehran Mall’ complex located in Ekbatan.

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