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Research Now Demonstrates How to Combine Surveys with Passive Data

KnowlesRoddy Knowles, a research manager and mobile subject matter expert at Research Now, made a presentation during the July 2013 event, Market Research in the Mobile World North America, held in Minneapolis.

Knowles was able to demonstrate a technique combining surveys with the passive gathering of market data. Using data from both sources enables market researchers to confirm a customer’s location and purpose, as well as compare stated behaviors with actual ones.

The behavioral data collected passively were consumers’ GPS location, app usage, phone calls, text/SMS messaging, emails, URLs of websites visited, and camera usage. Interpreting these data along with information from formal consumer surveys can give a clear picture of in-store shopping experience.

A marketer can then look into the following facets of in-store smartphone behavior: how a consumer uses a phone while shopping, whether or not a consumer’s behavior changes according to shopping duration, trip type, total amount spent in the store, etc., and the role of smartphone usage in formulating buying decisions.

Knowles then described unique shopper profiles with their corresponding in-store smartphone behavioral information. He also offered some interesting insights regarding stated and actual smartphone app usage while shopping. The types of in-store apps used by consumers can be categorized as text/SMS, phone, social, shopping or retail, and games. 83 percent of respondents claimed they used apps as digital shopping lists, 41 percent said they were for price comparisons, and 45 percent were for couponing.

He then underscored the importance of knowing the mobile activities of shoppers before they enter the store. These can include the preparations being made before they shop, the presence of digital shopping lists, and couponing behavior.

The final recommendations were to encourage the use of shopping/retailer apps as they can aid purchase decisions and to provoke in-store smartphone app usage by giving consumers a reason to do so and by offering disruptions that are designed to engage shoppers.

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